Background Ventilation Training for Insulation Installers

Two-day course giving insulation installers a certificate of competency in background ventilation assessment of existing buildings.

Cavity wall insulation installer

Who is it designed for?

All insulation installers and individuals including IAA ‘end-to-end’ members who want to become Approved Ventilation & Air Tightness Testers.

Course Info

  • Duration:12 hrs

  • Location:Leighton Buzzard


£425 GBP

/ person

Excluding VAT

Course Overview

The Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA) is the industry body that provides an assurance framework under a single compliance platform and covers consumer protection, technical guidance, Certification, Competent Person Scheme (CPS), installer surveillance, monitoring, training and carding.

This two-day course is knowledge-based and practical with a live property assessment. On successful completion, you will gain a certificate of competency in background ventilation assessment of existing buildings allowing you to register with iATS and use the agreed process. Those approved will be listed on The IAA website as being able to use the process to assess the need for background ventilation and will be able to provide evidence to support the lodgement of measures.

Course Content

  • Building Regulation
  • Competent Person Scheme
  • PAS 2035 ventilation requirements
  • Measuring buildings
  • Health & safety
  • Building preparation and testing standards
  • Using the pulse software as one of the approved routes
  • Competency and practical test

Who can sign up for this training course?

This course is available to all individuals including IAA ‘end-to-end’ members who want to become Approved Ventilation & Air Tightness Testers.

There is a requirement for those individuals carrying out testing to be certified by either iATS soon to be renamed the Elmhurst Airtightness Scheme or the Air Tightness Testing and Measuring Association (ATTMA) and training is being offered to those installers who wish to pursue this route.

Please note the process does not replace the airtightness qualification under the certification scheme but instead builds on the use of this equipment. This provides a more specific assessment of background ventilation along with a more comprehensive approach to ventilation assessment based on the actual performance of the property pre and post-installation. This is an approach to address background ventilation requirements under pathways A and B of PAS 2035 and provides an alternative for pathway C whilst not replacing the airtightness testing requirements.

  • All individuals will need to sign up to The IAA scheme at a cost of £250 per annum (£100 will cover initial registration and administration and £150 will cover an annual surveillance visit and CPD). Scheme registration is free to IAA end-to-end members
  • Please note all who participate in the course will need to register with iATS or ATTMA, joining fees will apply to both schemes

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