Build Test Solutions Ltd

Build Test Solutions (BTS) is a technology business dedicated to driving innovation in building performance measurement. Our mission is to make in-situ building performance measurement cost-effective and accessible to the mainstream building construction, renovation and home improvement sectors.

Mission Statement

“ Making building performance measurement mainstream ”

We are driven to change buildings for the better by providing the means to measure and act on as-built performance. To do this, we develop game-changing equipment and software solutions for energy assessors, building surveyors, the construction industry, utility suppliers and other built environment experts.

Founded in 2016, the business was originally a joint venture established purely to licence and commercialise the IPR held by the University of Nottingham in respect to the low-pressure pulse air leakage measurement technology. Fast forward eight years and we are now a wholly independent company with a fantastically exciting portfolio of novel low cost and highly scalable building performance measurement solutions.

Although numerous academic studies and well-funded research projects have illustrated the value of undertaking building performance evaluation, cost and technical complexity have traditionally stood in the way of measurement becoming normalised in market segments such as architecture, building surveying, energy assessment, house building, retrofit or facilities and property management.

It's hard to think of any other industry that hasn't yet already embraced technology for the means of quality control and assurance, performance validation, feedback and continuous improvement. Here at Build Test Solutions, we're working hard to change this by discovering, developing, validating and producing a range of cost-effective and accessible tools and techniques dedicated to measuring and understanding the real-world performance of buildings.

Facts about Build Test Solutions

Innovators in building performance measurement and building diagnostics.

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