Asset Finance

If you need help spreading the investment in your new measurement equipment we can introduce you to our preferred finance partner, PMD Business Finance, who can offer competitive and flexible finance facilities subject to status and underwriting.

What is asset finance and how can it help me?

For limited companies only, asset finance can be used when purchasing equipment to financially support your business by spreading the overall value of the asset over monthly payments for an agreed duration to stay in complete control of your cash flow and maximise your profit.

Being independent and one of the largest brokers in the country, PMD Business Finance has access to a vast panel of funding options and deliver bespoke solutions in a quick, efficient, and transparent manner.

Option 1 - Finance Lease

The most popular product for financing capital equipment is via a Finance Lease:

  • No deposit is required
  • VAT is spread over monthly payments allowing for easy management of your capital
  • Term lengths can be adjusted to suit your preferences
  • Ownership of the asset is transferred to you at the end of the agreement
  • Hassle-free solution for your business

Option 2 - Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase finance is also available and can be beneficial for companies who are wanting to take advantage of its tax and ownership benefits:

  • VAT only deposit required
  • This upfront VAT payment can be claimed back in your next VAT quarter subject to you being VAT registered.
  • The equipment goes on your books as an Asset from the outset
  • There is a nominal Option to Purchase Fee at the end of the term to obtain ownership

Why use finance?

The main reason customers choose to finance their investments are:

  • Preserve your capital and existing credit lines
  • Ease cash flow
  • Unsecured facilities
  • Tax advantages
  • Pay for the equipment as it works for you

PMD Business Finance offers more than just asset finance and they have multiple ways of assisting you with raising the funds to purchase any equipment from Build Test Solutions.

How to apply for finance

Questions and further help can be directed to Rob Greenhalgh at PMD:


Tel: 07702 551 383

To apply online, please complete the Asset Finance Application Form.

PMD - Better Business Finance

Products with asset finance options available

Pulse air receiver, controller and compressor

Pulse Air Permeability Testing

A pioneering approach to fabric air permeability measurement that releases a low-pressure pulse of air for realistic and accurate measurement of airtightness of buildings in seconds.

Leak Checker Diagnostics Fan

Leak Checker Diagnostics Fan

A portable diagnostics fan that can help identify air leakage paths within buildings, helping to minimise infiltration, improve airtightness and reduce remedial work required to pass compliance testing.

Heat3D mobile app and FLIR ONE Pro on an iPhone

Heat3D Infrared U-value Measurement

An innovative mobile app that allows you to precisely measure heat flow and U-values of walls using a low-cost, quick and non-invasive method.

ISO 9869 U-value measurement system

ISO 9869 U-value Measurement System

System for measuring in-situ U-values of walls, floor and ceilings according to the ISO 9869 methodology.