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Air leakage testing homes using Pulse

Air leakage & ventilation

Air leakage testing is the measurement of the amount of air movement between the inside and outside of a building, also referred to as measuring the air permeability or airtightness of a building. It is important as excessive air movement can cause additional heat loss and energy consumption, while sufficient fresh air supply is required to provide a healthy internal environment.

Air movement to and from a building occurs in two forms. Through deliberate ventilation, such as the supply of air through a mechanical system or a controlled opening. Or infiltration, which is unintentional air movement through cracks and gaps in the building fabric.

IHD showing gas and electric consumption for the day

Building performance

Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) is used to understand how a building is functioning in order to better manage and improve its performance. BPE is an all-encompassing term, referring to better understanding the performance of building fabric, systems and usability.

Whole building heat loss is a key metric in assessing energy performance and involves measuring heat loss through the entire building fabric such as walls, floors, roofs, ventilation and infiltration. Accurately measuring the heat loss rate of a building is a key step in better evaluating and managing in-situ building performance.

Infrared U-value measurement

U-value measurement

U-values are a metric of how effective a building element (wall, floor or roof) is at preventing heat from transmitting from the inside of a house to the outside. In simple terms, the lower the U-value the better insulated the fabric of a building is and the lower the heat loss and energy consumption will be.

U-value measurement is the act of measuring these U-values using equipment such as infrared thermography or heat flux plates. Measuring U-values allows you to understand the level of performance prior to adding insulation or carrying out retrofit works and can also be used to produce more accurate Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Energy efficiency and performance solutions for...

No matter who you are, we are likely to have an energy performance measurement solution for you.

Energy professional at front door

Energy Professionals

I want to provide building performance measurement services to my customers when I visit their property to carry out EPC assessments or surveys.

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Installers & Contractors

We install energy efficiency products into people's homes and want to carry out baseline and retrofit performance measurements to determine energy savings.

Smart Meter In Home Display (IHD)

Energy Companies

We are an energy company or utility provider and want to integrate your technology into our products to provide building performance insights to our customers.

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I'm interested in measuring the performance of my house to find out how energy efficient my home is and help reduce my energy bill.

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Private Landlords

We have more than one house and are interested in measuring the performance of our property portfolio or housing stock.

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Housing Providers

We are a housing association or local council and want our tenants to live in healthy and energy-efficient homes.

Working in partnership with leading industry experts

With strong academic and regulatory links, we specialise in transitioning ideas from theory to commercial products by working with the best minds in the industry. You can be assured that all our products have gone through rigorous research, testing and real-world validation in measuring building performance accurately and effectively.

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