How energy efficient is my home?

We can help you test the true energy performance of your house using cutting-edge smart technology to measure your home's thermal performance and heat loss accurately and cost-effectively.

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With record electricity and gas prices, having an energy efficient house has never been more important to keep living costs down

Home energy performance tests

Build Test Solutions provide testing solutions to energy assessors, building surveyors and retrofit coordinators for measuring the true performance of homes. These testing solutions are provided exclusively through our network of approved testers and can help you:

  • Understand the current energy performance of your house if you are considering a heat pump or adding energy-saving measures,
  • Help you manage your home effectively and learn what lifestyle events impact your home's energy efficiency,
  • Monitor internal conditions including temperature and humidity to gauge the potential for mould growth or overheating,
  • Determine the level of performance improvement from retrofitting insulation, replacing old or inefficient heating systems and adding on-site renewables.

Energy monitoring solutions for homeowners

We have developed unique solutions that can accurate measure the whole-house heat loss of residential houses accurately and cost effectively using internal temperature readings and energy consumption data.

Temperature sensors

SmartHTC Measured Thermal Performance

A low-cost and non-invasive way of measuring the true thermal performance of a house. It requires temperature and meter data to calculate an accurate heat loss rating over a 3-week period.

Learn more about SmartHTC Measured Thermal Performance
Mould risk temperature and relative humidty sensors

Mould Risk Indicator

Intelligent mould risk analysis based on simple monitoring to allow informed mould risk assessment and management. The Mould Risk Indicator provides a 0-100 risk score to identify mould risk before mould growth occurs.

Learn more about Mould Risk Indicator

What is the test for?

Our testing solutions provide a full and accurate picture of the exact level of heat loss from your property without assumptions or guesswork. Knowing the true thermal performance of your house helps to determine the most appropriate energy savings measures to apply and which offer the best return on investment. This, in turn, can lead to improved wellbeing & health and, of course, lower energy bills.

Our software will measure the ACTUAL performance of your house over a three week period using readings of temperature and energy data. It is a non-intrusive test that allows you to use your house normally throughout the measurement period.

The cost-effective test can be used to provide a single one-off measurement of your home's energy performance or can be carried out on an ongoing basis to enable you to judge the impact of lifestyle changes as well as any improvements made to the fabric of the property.

How does the test work?

When you book a test through one of our approved testing companies above, a surveyor will need to visit your property and carry out a brief survey, similar to an energy assessment (EPC) that is done when selling houses.

The surveyor will need to calculate the floor area of your property and note down characteristics of your building and heating system, such as boiler efficiency and any renewable technologies. At the same time, the surveyor will install temporary sensors and take meter readings from your gas and electric utility meters.

The sensors are small wireless devices that are strategically placed around the property to monitor the internal temperature and humidity at regular intervals throughout the day.

At the end of the three week testing period, the surveyor will return to collect the sensors and take meter readings once more. The data from the sensors will be downloaded and fed into our software to produce your energy performance rating and test report.