Mould Risk Indicator and Assessment Tool

A comprehensive analysis tool that identifies high mould risk remotely and before it can be seen growing. Using monitored internal temperature and humidity data, the Mould Risk Indicator puts cutting edge analysis into the user’s hands with algorithms developed and validated in collaboration with experts from Loughborough University.

Mould risk temperature and relative humidty sensors

Online Mould Risk Analysis

The Mould Risk Indicator gives a powerfully simple indication of mould risk, putting exert analysis into the hands of building surveyors and managers. SmartHTC thermal performance measurements and the Mould Risk Indicator are part of our data analytics package and signing up to one enables access to the other also.

What's included

  • Accurate mould risk score (0-100)

  • Part F compliance checks

Plans start at

£10 GBP

per property

Excluding setup, equipment & VAT

Mould risk analysis made easy.

Identify mould risk based on monitored conditions and basic building information, adding powerful insights to otherwise difficult to interpret data.

  • Example Mould Risk Indicator results page

    Clear, actionable metrics

    Simple 0-100 traffic light risk scores and compliance stats versus Building Regulations Part F guidelines provide clear and actionable room-by-room and overall building insights based on comprehensive behind the scenes analysis.

  • Terraced houses

    Easy comparison between buildings

    Results are presented in a standardised 0-100 scale in a filterable interface so that buildings and rooms can be quickly compared to each other and high risk buildings and types identified for remedial measures.

Compatible with sensors and smart technologies from:

Informed mould risk management solution

The Mould Risk Indicator puts expert analysis into your hands through an easy to use interface. The indicator's algorithm has been developed with mould risk experts at Loughborough University to add powerful insight to monitored internal temperature and relative humidity

Monitors Part F compliance

Monitors internal conditions in the house against guidance for surface water activity and indoor relative humidity set out in Part F of the Building Regulations.

Developed with mould risk experts

The Mould Risk Indicator algorithm was developed by experts from Loughborough University, putting expert analysis at your fingertips.

Validated through field trials

The testing method and algorithm were validated through a field trial in more than 100 houses that compared the remote analytics against observed mould occurence.

Spots mould risk before growth

The Mould Risk Indicator identifies conditions which are likely to lead to mould growth eventually before growth occurs so that pre-emptive treatment can be applied.

Easy to use browser interface

The browser interface makes uploading & analysing data from a range of sensors easy, and presents detailed analysis in a simple to interpret metric.

Monitor risk over time

Results are presented daily so that mould risk can be monitored over time to identify the effect of remedial actions.

Informed mould risk management

Living in damp and mouldy conditions can be very dangerous to health, but these conditions are not always easy to determine and without measurement and analysis can be subjective to identify. The Mould Risk Indicator enables dangerous conditions to be identified objectively so that remedial measures can be better targeted and timely.

The Mould Risk Indicator's algorithms take into account the observed conditions within the dwelling, the weather and the performance of the building fabric, all of which affects the mould risk level in a property. Bringing together these inputs provides a much more powerful insight than temperature and relative humidity logging alone can deliver.

Why use the Mould Risk Indicator

The level of mould risk in a property is based on a range of factors which are difficult to account for together, the Mould Risk Indicator does this work for the user to automate powerful insights to help actively determine and manage risk.

Objectively measure mould risk

Use data analysis to objectively determine the level of risk in a property rather than relying on subjective visual surveys and observation of monitored relative humidity.

Measure effect of remedial works

The Mould Risk Indicator allows the effect of remedial works to be analysed to inform further works in a particular building and across a stock.

Target remedial measures

Mould Risk measurement across a stock of buildings allows targeting of remedial measures to those most in need.

Reduce reactive maintenance

Responding to mould growth after it has occurred increases the risk to occupants and increases the cost and complexity of remedial measures. Early identification enables proactive planned works.

Who is the Mould Risk Indicator designed for?

The Mould Risk Indicator is designed for organisations that want to understand the risk profile of buildings that they survey and manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sensors do I need?
BTS provide temperature and relative humidity sensors which integrate seamlessly with the browser user interface, but data from other sensors can also be used with our simple template files.
How do I access the Mould Risk Indicator?
After you've signed up for the service you will be sent login details to a simple user interface which is accessed through an internet browser.
Do I need to be an expert to understand the results?
No. The mould risk is reported in a simple to understand 0-100 scale with a 'traffic light' scale of risk categories.