Assessing mould risk in homes

Informed mould risk management

The Mould Risk Indicator takes into account the conditions in the dwelling, the weather and the performance of the building fabric to give an accurate and objective assessment of the risk of mould growth.

Process for managing mould risk using the Mould Risk Indicator

  1. Monitor internal conditions

    Monitor the internal temperature and relative humidity in rooms in which you wish to monitor the mould risk. Sensors should be located out of direct sunlight and with free air access around them.

    Graphic showing temperature sensor in place in a mouldy kitchen
  2. Collect building information

    Enter simple set of building information into the browser user interface, including the construction type and measured U-value if you have it.

    Building plans and laser distance meter
  3. Upload monitored data

    Use the simple user interface to upload monitored internal data to the Mould Risk Indicator calculator, the calculator will then source weather data for the location and carry out the analysis for the property.

    Data upload to the cloud
  4. View results in the browser interface

    View 0-100 mould risk index, traffic light risk level indicator and assessment of Building Regulations compliance in the browser user interface. The analysis is presented daily so that changes in risk level can be observed.

    Mould Risk Indicator interface