Mould risk testing and indication algorithm

Mould risk monitored

Using measurements collected in homes and information about the thermal performance of the building, the Mould Risk Indicator gives live and accurate assessments.

Lots of Supported Devices

We support input temperature data from a wide range of sensors as well as basic CSV upload.

Web Interface

Data can be uploaded via a user friendly and secure web-based interface.

Daily Analytics

Daily mould risk analytics to track the effect of interventions

Repeat Measurements

Charging is annual per property, so that repeated assessments can be carried out to observe the progression in risk

Input measured U-values

Users can input measured U-values for greater precision

Field trialled

The analysis is informed by a field trial in more than 100 houses

Compatible with sensors and smart technologies from:

Input building information and measurement data

Results require a minimum of 24 hours of data and measurements must be provided between 5 and 60 minutes apart.

Required building information:
  • Location (postcode or latitude and longitude)
  • Building age
  • Wall type and construction
  • Room information
Optional building information:
  • Dwelling type and attachment
  • Ventilation system (if any)
  • Window glazing and frame type
  • Number of occupants
Required measurement data:
  • Internal temperature and humidity readings in each room being monitored
Optional measurement data:
  • External temperature and humidity

Actionable mould risk insights

The outputs provide daily insights into the progression of mould risk in a property

Mould Risk Score
A simple 0-100 score that indicates the level of risk for mould occurring in the building/room.
Building Regulations Part F Compliance
Pass/fail test on guidelines for surface water activity and relative humidity

Mould Risk downloads

PDF Document

Mould Risk Indicator Brochure

Summary of key features, applications and technical specifications.