Air Leakage Detection & Diagnostics

Leak Checker is a portable fan that can identify air leakage paths within buildings, helping users to minimise infiltration and improve airtightness.

Leak Checker Diagnostics Fan

Leak Checker diagnostics fan

The complete system provides everything required to carry out air leakage diagnostics and identify unwanted air leakage paths. The fan is designed to be window mounted and offers simple operation through a mobile app.

What's included

  • Mains powered fan unit

  • Extendable mounting rail

  • Nylon window sealing sheet with clamps

  • Hard carry case

Unit price

£1,395 GBP
Excluding VAT & delivery

Quick and simple air leakage testing

Achieving an airtight building fabric, minimising uncontrolled losses and putting in place an appropriate and controllable ventilation strategy is well understood as being a pragmatic means of achieving good energy efficiency levels as well as a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

  • Leak Checker installed in a window

    Identify leakage paths

    The fan creates a pressure difference large enough so that air leakage paths can be felt with your hand or visualised with a smoke pen or thermal imaging camera.

  • Leak Checker app

    Mobile app control

    The app allows you to control the fan speed and provides an indication of overall leakiness at a given pressure difference.

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Works with Pulse

Leak Checker complements our Pulse air permeability testing system by helping users to locate and address unwanted air leakage paths.

Quick setup and easy to use

The fan can be installed within a window in a few minutes and make leakage path diagnostics accessible to all.

Save time and costs

Run the fan during works and before your compliance testing to be confident of a first-time pass whilst reducing the need for costly rectification and remedial works.

Identify PAS 2035 air leakage points

The Leak Checker diagnostics fan aims to complement our low-pressure Pulse air permeability measurement system by helping users to locate and address key or unwanted air leakage paths.

The kit consists of a highly portable fan that is hook mounted onto an extendable rod. This bar is then telescopically fixed across any window opening. The opening around the fan mounting and the window are then sealed up using the sheet and clamps provided in the kit. The fan is then connected to an electricity supply via a standard 3-pin plug and to any mobile device from which it can be controlled via a web browser.

When switched on the fan provides an airflow of up to 2042m³/h which creates a pressure difference (either negative or positive) within the room. This pressure difference is great enough to enable air leakage paths to be very easily felt with your hand or visualised with a basic smoke pen or thermal imaging camera.

The fan itself measures just 295x300x81mm and the whole kit weighs less than 4kg making it highly portable. The operation is incredibly simple and the mounting rod easily extends to fit virtually any standard sized windows.

It’s not intended as a measurement instrument in its own right but, instead is designed to complement any air tightness test by identifying the key leakage points as stipulated under PAS 2035 Section 8.5.1. This makes it an ideal piece of kit to keep in your PAS 2035 compliance armoury.

Why detect air leakage paths with Leak Checker?

Leak Checker can be used as an air leakage diagnostics tool at any stage of a retrofit or new build project, improving build quality and reducing heat loss through infiltration.

New Build

The simple window-mounted unit allows site teams to test for air leakage throughout the building. This helps to improve build quality and compliance test pass rates.

Existing homes and retrofit

Air leakage can account for as much as a third of total heat loss. Finding and remedying those leaks can lead to considerable energy savings and comfort gains.

PAS 2035

Identify key leakage points quickly and easily for PAS 2035 compliance. This is a stipulated requirement under PAS 2035 Section 8.5.1.

Who is Leak Checker designed for?

The diagnostics fan is ideal for any site person as well as other building professionals who want to detect air leakage paths

Frequently asked questions

Can it be used for compliance testing?
Leak Checker is not intended as a measurement instrument and cannot be used for compliance testing. It will however detect air leakage paths and provide an indication of progression made by your sealing interventions.
How is Leak Checker different to a blower door fan
Leak Checker is designed as a low-cost fan that can be used by site teams to find unintended air leakage paths prior to a certified air tightness tester carrying out a compliance test.
Do you have to be certified to use it?
No, it's designed to be used by anybody with only minimal training required. Our comprehensive user guide will enable you to get started and find air leakage points straight away.
Does it work on all windows / doors?
The standard sealing sheet can be used on windows up to 1500x1000mm. Custom size sealing sheets to fit larger windows and doorways are available as an option.