Finding air leakage paths

Improving building air tightness at all stages

The fan creates a pressure difference allowing air leakage paths to be felt with your hand or visualised with a smoke pen or thermal imaging camera. This allows diagnostics and sealing works to be carried out independently and at all stages of a build.

Illustration of how Leak Checker works

Process for identifying air leakage paths using Leak Checker

Finding and fixing unwanted air leakage paths can be done in a matter of minutes, saving time and money.

  1. Install the sealing sheet

    The sealing sheet is fixed within an open window so that one side is exposed to the inside of a house and the other side is exposed to the outside world. Clamps (included) are used to ensure a good seal around the sheet so that the fan can generate a pressure difference between inside and outside.

    Sheet sealing a window
  2. Install the mounting rail

    The mounting rail is an extendable pole that is wedged horizontally within the window frame or recess. It provides support for the fan whilst mounted in the sealing sheet.

    Leak Checker mounting rail being installed
    Leak Checker mounting rail installed in a window
  3. Attach fan unit

    The Leak Checker fan is attached to the mounting rail by simply hooking it on. The fan aperture is then passed through the hole in the sealing sheet to create a well-sealed barrier. Internal/external pressure sensor tubes are then connected and the power adapter is plugged in.

    Leak Checker fan installation
  4. Increase fan power to create pressure difference

    The fan is powered on and controlled via a web-based app. The fan speed, air flow rate and pressure difference can be adjusted to allow you to detect air leakage paths be feeling for noticeable draughts around the room or using a smoke pen or thermal camera to identify leakage paths around fixtures and fittings.

    Leak Checker mobile app
  5. Carry out diagnostics and remedial work

    With the fan still running, diagnostics and remedial work can be carried out to seal the identified air leakage paths.

    Sealing around a window
  6. Power down and pack away

    Once diagnostics are complete, the Leak Checker fan can be powered down and packed away ready for the next job.

    Leak Checker external view