Thermal performance measurement of social housing properties

Build Test Solutions has created a guide to help social housing providers understand the role of thermal performance measurement and how this can be used to better target investment spend, verify quality of delivered works and determine the true impact of both their new build and retrofit programmes.

Thermal performance is critical to the wellbeing of residents in social housing properties.

The only way to understand it properly is through measurement. With resources, funding and expertise scarce, it is an invaluable means of ensuring that the investment in net zero social housing is well-targeted and delivers the desired outcomes.

To help with this, Build Test Solutions has created a guide for social housing providers to take thermal performance measurement into their own hands.

Divided into three sections, the guide covers:

  1. EPC ratings – do they go far enough?
  2. Property performance – you can’t manage what you don’t measure
  3. Being proactive – why issues like mould must be tackled earl

Follow the link below to download a free copy of the guide.


Luke Smith

Luke Smith

Managing Director

Building performance measurement made simple.

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Temperature sensors

SmartHTC Measured Thermal Performance

A low-cost and non-invasive way of measuring the true thermal performance of a house. It requires temperature and meter data to calculate an accurate heat loss rating over a 3-week period.

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Mould risk temperature and relative humidty sensors

Mould Risk Indicator

Intelligent mould risk analysis based on simple monitoring to allow informed mould risk assessment and management. The Mould Risk Indicator provides a 0-100 risk score to identify mould risk before mould growth occurs.

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