SmartHTC User Training

Introduction course for new users covering basics of building energy performance and how to use SmartHTC to accurately measure true building performance.

SmartHTC result presented to customer

Who is it designed for?

New SmartHTC users who want to be able to provide thermal performance measurements services to their customers.

Course Info

  • Duration:2 hrs

  • Location:Online


£200 GBP

/ person

Excluding VAT

Course Overview

Measuring the true thermal performance of a house has always been a challenge until now. This course trains new users on the innovative SmartHTC building performance measurement solution to accurately measure the Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) and other thermal performance metrics of houses.

The course is designed to be provided via an online session lasting no more than 2 hours.

Course Content

  • Background knowledge on the heat transfer coefficient and why you would measure it.
  • What affects the building energy performance and what is the performance gap.
  • What building information, temperature data and energy data does SmartHTC require.
  • How to set up, install and download data from temperature sensor readings.
  • Uploading data and using the SmartHTC web interface.

Building performance measurement made simple.

Unique products and smart technologies designed for energy assessors, building surveyors, the construction industry, utility suppliers and other built environment experts.

Temperature sensors

SmartHTC Measured Thermal Performance

A low-cost and non-invasive way of measuring the true thermal performance of a house. It requires temperature and meter data to calculate an accurate heat loss rating over a 3-week period.

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SmartHTC on an In Home Display with temperature sensors

SmartHTC Heat Loss API

Unique algorithm and software that calculates an accurate and reliable measurement of whole building fabric heat loss (also known as a Heat Transfer Coefficient or HTC).

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