Retrofit Coordinator Training

In order to comply with PAS 2035, every domestic retrofit project will need to be managed by an approved Retrofit Coordinator.

Retrofit coordinator visiting a dwelling

Who is it designed for?

Energy assessors and individuals wanting to gain all the relevant skills and knowledge to become a Retrofit Coordinator.

Course Info

  • Duration:12 hrs

  • Location:Stafford / Online

Price from

£2,000 GBP

/ person

Excluding VAT

Course Overview

These courses give all the relevant skills and knowledge to become an approved Retrofit Coordinator for PAS 2035.

A Retrofit Coordinator is an individual who will be responsible for overseeing the assessment of dwellings as well as the subsequent specification, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures, in accordance with PAS 2035.

The Retrofit Coordinator will manage a retrofit project from inception to completion. They need to liaise with building owners, Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Designers and Retrofit Installers in order to ensure effective end-to-end project management.

The courses are delivered by Elmhurst Energy in conjunction with the Retrofit Academy.

Course Content

Depending on the programme chosen:

Essential online learning

  • Self-guided eLearning with the additional support of an expert-led two-day Retrofit Coordinator Bootcamp, delivered via Zoom. These virtual Bootcamps are a total of 12 hours, delivered through four sessions (three hours each) over a period of six weeks.

In-person training

  • This offers a classroom-based Bootcamp delivered from their Stafford training facility, over two consecutive days.

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