Pulse Equipment User Training

Half-day introduction to using Pulse covering everything from building physics principles to using equipment and software.

Pulse equipment user training

Who is it designed for?

New Pulse users who want to competently carry out air tightness tests for PAS2035 and other non-compliance purposes.

Course Info

  • Duration:4 hrs

  • Location:Weedon Bec / Online


£200 GBP

/ person

Excluding VAT

Course Overview

This course is designed for new users to gain the skills and knowledge required to undertake Pulse airtightness tests. This course gives hands-on experience with Pulse equipment alongside the background knowledge of the methodology enabling you to competently carry out air tightness tests for PAS2035 and other non-compliance purposes.

The course can be provided via online meeting or in-person at our office in Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire. Alternatively, the course can also be provided at a location of your choosing subject to additional cost.

Course Content

Half day Pulse equipment user training comprising:

  • Building physics principles behind pulse air tightness testing
  • How to measure and prepare a building for testing
  • Operation of the Pulse equipment and software

Next Course Date

8th June 2024

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