U-value measurement using heat flux plates

ISO 9869 in-situ U-value measurement case studies

For a long time, in-situ U-value measurement was purely used for academic purposes. Build Test Solutions have pioneered in-situ U-value measurement of both domestic and commercial buildings across hundreds of properties.

User guide and instructions

User guide and instructions

  • U-value system and data logger

    User guide and instructions

    Comprehensive user guide detailing how to install sensors, set up the equipment and accurately measure U-values.

  • Installing temperature sensors

    Training opportunities

    Training sessions can be run for groups either remotely or in person to provide hands-on experience in measuring U-values on site.

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Technical Support

If you're experiencing issues using U-value equipment, the best place to start is by visiting the help centre. It contains user guides and frequently asked questions for all of our products.

If it's still not working afterwards, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support department.