MEASURED: HTC Measurement in Heat Pump Design

MEASURED: HTC Measurement in Heat Pump Design

This project demonstrates the value of using building thermal performance (HTC) measurement to accurately size heat pumps as part of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero's Heat Pump Ready Program.

What is the MEASURED project?

The MEASURED project aims to demonstrate the value of using building performance measurement in heat pump design, it is part of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero's Heat Pump Ready Programme. The project includes:

  • A field trial of more than 50 houses to compare heat pump sizing by building performance measurement and traditional survey and calculation
  • Software development to create a heat loss calculation tool suitable for easy adoption by existing Domestic Energy Assessors and which can easily incorporate building performance measurements
  • The creation of standardised measurement protocols to ensure consistent results across different building thermal performance (HTC) measurement providers

The project team brings together leading building performance measurement providers, BTS & Veritherm, and leading building energy assessment provider Elmhurst Energy Consultancy.

Why did we do it?

Building performance measurement provides accurate heat loss assessment, bespoke to individual houses. By comparison, traditional heat loss calculations based on visual surveys are prone to inaccuracy as critical factors are hard or impossible to see:

  • How much insulation in a cavity and how well installed?
  • How airtight is the building?
  • How much thermal bridging?

In this project a field trial of more than 50 houses will be carried out to establish the difference between predicted and actual thermal performance, and therefore demonstrate the value of measurement to ensure accurate heat pump sizing.

MEASURED: HTC Measurement in Heat Pump Design project statistics

Facts and statistics about this research project:

field trial
Cases where measurement and BS EN12831 agreed
Cases where heat loss rate was overestimated

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