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Measurement technology improves surveying

The number of homes with an Energy Efficiency Rating of C or above was 46 per cent in 2022. This is up from 13 per cent in 2010, so whilst things are moving in the right direction much more must be done to meet net-zero targets by 2050.

Pulse system in a home
Pulse system in use

Crawford and Co Surveyors, an RICS regulated surveying specialist in sustainability, increasingly needs to prove the energy efficiency of homes. It found that many of its customers also wanted to measure airtightness so they could make better-informed decisions about their properties.

Many Crawford and Co Surveyors’ team members found the traditional blower door testing systems outdated and time-consuming. Its customers were intimidated by the process, so retrofit social housing tenants were refusing to test, which is instrumental to the success of the projects.

Crawford and Co Surveyors needed a better way to streamline the process and decided to invest in Build Test Solution’s Pulse, a portable compressed air-based system that is used to measure the air leakage of a building.

Pulse is less invasive when testing existing homes, the process is quick, and the equipment is very simple to use. The surveyors were able to carry out their energy assessments and airtightness testing in the same visit, which was not usually possible when using third-party testers. The process reduced disruption for homeowners and residents, which stopped them from being deterred from the testing process.

Ashley Crawford, chief executive officer and managing director at Crawford and Co Surveyors, explained:

“I have followed Pulse since its launch out of Nottingham University in 2015 and knew I always wanted to test it myself. As soon as Pulse was available, I invested and haven’t looked back because there is nothing similar on the market. The system is simple and easy to use, especially after the in-person training Build Test Solutions provided to me and a few of my team. “With the introduction of Part L1A building regulations and PAS2035 retrofit guidelines, airtightness enquiries have increased. Pulse allows me to grow our business and support our customers by acting as a one-stop-shop for energy efficiency surveying, providing customers with accurate data specific to their property.” “Pulse has enabled our 35 assessors and surveyors to provide exact data to customers in one visit,” commented Ashley. “We can help our customers achieve faster and more efficient retrofits by providing more in-depth measurement data.”

Crawford and Co Surveyors uses the data reporting software that Build Test Solutions offers to create professional, informative airtightness reports to share with customers. The firm has a separate account for each user for no additional cost, so they can easily track reports, data and who carried out the assessment without overlapping data from other projects.

Luke Smith, managing director at Build Test Solutions added:

“Ash and his team at Crawford and Co Surveyors are a perfect example of how building surveyors can diversify into new areas such as building performance testing. This is by delivering commercial growth and providing their customers and householders with a much better overall experience. Our team enjoy supporting Ash in supplying the equipment, training, and ongoing technical support as both business go from strength to strength."


Rachel Brain

Rachel Brain

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Homes with an energy rating of C or above in 2022

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