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Build Test Solutions have a number of exciting vacancies. More information can be found on our careers page linked at the foot of this article. But first, here's a short article on why you should consider a role with us.

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Why BTS is the perfect place to build your career

Finding a workplace that not only aligns with your professional goals but also nurtures your personal growth can be difficult – particularly in small businesses.

However, working in an evolving SME can offer great opportunities to grow with the company and with a small team BTS offers a dynamic environment where flexibility, growth and meaningful work converge for a real opportunity to be creative, self-led and entrepreneurial in a stable team.

The mission to make building performance measurement mainstream pervades every aspect of the work BTS does, and the company has developed (and continues to develop) game-changing building performance measurement technologies and software solutions for energy assessors, building surveyors, the construction industry, utility suppliers and other built environment experts.

Why join BTS?

One of the key strengths of BTS is its culture of innovation, collaboration and purpose. Our Product Test Engineer, James Banks, was driven by the vision of building a better future. His work spans product development and data processing in the office and includes servicing, repairing and testing equipment as well as supporting customers and conducting building performance measurements in the field. He says:

To contribute towards building a better future for the next generation is not something everyone gets the opportunity to do

Engagement with industry experts allows the company to influence government policy, educational institutions and building professionals, shaping the future of the sector. The BTS mission is all about developing game-changing solutions for the built environment, driven by a focus on accessibility, affordability, and scalability.

For our technical director, Dr Richard Jack, it’s been the ideal platform to translate academic research into impactful solutions.

I was looking for somewhere to commercialise methods to measure building performance and BTS has exceeded my expectations for this," he says, “I love feeling like I'm making an impact on an important area to address climate change and I also love seeing ideas come to life as fully fledged products that people can use through the creativity and hard work of the team.

At the heart of the company’s success lies its people – a collaborative, energetic and innovative team dedicated to creating meaningful impact. The team thrives on flexibility, recognising the value of both remote work and in-person collaboration. It’s a close-knit environment that fosters camaraderie.

Because the team is small and agile, says customer relationship manager Rachel Brain,

It’s able to make decisions quickly to improve the business. Having worked for large organisations in the past, it is refreshing to not have to have six months of meetings before ideas are put into action.” She adds, “being part of the team at BTS gives you the opportunity to work in a flexible way where you can make the role your own.

For our Managing Director, Luke Smith, BTS embodies a culture of purpose-driven innovation:

BTS recognises the evolving nature of the employment relationship, offering a purpose-led proposition and a development journey for those seeking to develop industry leading expertise. We aim to be more than a workplace, it's an environment where everyone can contribute, thrive and be part of a journey that has the potential to dramatically improve the quality and performance of buildings at large.

Click the 'Careers at BTS' link below to find out more about our current vacancies and be part of a community driven by passion and purpose.


Stephanie Horwood

Stephanie Horwood

Office Administrator