RICS UK Building Surveying Conference 2023

Luke Smith, Managing Director of Build Test Solutions recently presented on the subject of Building Performance Measurement at the RICS UK Building Surveying Conference 2023.

Luke presenting at RICS conference

This year, the conference focused on preparing Building Surveyors on the latest regulatory shifts, with a particular focus on new building safety and energy efficiency requirements.

As well as making the argument for why it is so important that we use measurement to understand our building stock, Luke also presented the following 6 opportunities for the Building Surveying industry looking to integrate measurement services into their businesses:

  1. Better appraise retrofit options for building owners or help portfolio holders to better target investment
  2. Help EPC orientated landlords override conservative/punitive assumptions, ensuring EPCs better reflect the true performance of their buildings.
  3. Measure peak heat demand to determine heat pump suitability and sizing.
  4. Validate improvements delivered by investment in energy efficiency measures
  5. Work with the finance sector to check and quality ensure spend on energy efficiency measures (ESG/decarbonised asset books).
  6. Offer compliance orientated measurement services in line with RIBA Plan of Work POE, PAS2035, ADL and ADF and BS 40101:2021.

Download the presentation slides below.


Rachel Brain

Rachel Brain

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