U-Value Measurement System Help

Help and software for configuring the U-value measurement system and data logger. The kit includes a data logger, 4G modem (requires SIM card), 2 heat flux plates, 3 surface temperature sensors, and 2 air temperature sensors.

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U-Value Kit User Guide

User guide for installation, configuration, and downloading data from the U-Value Measurement System.

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FieldLogger Configurator Software

The FieldLogger Configurator is configuration, data collection and analysis software for NOVUS FieldLogger dataloggers. The program allows you to explore all the functionalities and resources of the device, and communicates through the USB or TCP-IP.

General Questions

The kit includes a Novus FieldLogger 512K data logger.

The internal 2MB of memory allows for continuous logging over 6 months with a 5-minute logging interval. Alternatively, an external SD card can be used for longer logging.

The FieldLogger can be communicated with via USB (mini) or TCP/IP using the Windows-based FieldLogger Configurator software.

The kit includes 2 x Hukseflux HFP01 heat flux plates.

HFP01 is the world’s most popular sensor for heat flux measurement in the soil as well as through walls and building envelopes. The total thermal resistance is kept small by using a ceramics-plastic composite body. The sensor is very robust and stable. It is suitable for long-term use in one location as well as repeated installation when a measuring system is used at multiple locations.

The kit includes multiple PT100 RTD high-accuracy temperature sensors.

The air temperature sensors included are Class AA (1/3 DIN) manufactured to ±0.1°C accuracy as required by the ISO 9869 Standard.