Pulse 2.0 Air Permeability Measurement System

Suitable for domestic and non-domestic buildings

The modular self-contained system presents a wealth of new opportunities when it comes to assessing air tightness, air leakage rates and ventilation or enclosure integrity. Notable technical features include:

Low Pressure and Accurate

Doesn't overly stress the building fabric during testing or force leakage paths which would not otherwise be there under normal conditions. Results have proven to be repeatable to within 5%.

Modular system

Charge air receivers quicker with larger compressors. Multiple Pulse air receivers are then linked together to test larger leakier buildings, delivering a precise and uniform pressure distribution

110V / 240V

The primary system operates at both 110v and 240v with no variation in hardware. The compressor pump is all that must be specified to suit your power supply needs.

BRE Global ETV Verified

Third-party verified by leading industry experts through extensive testing in accordance with ISO 14034:2016.

Secure Cloud Storage

Pulse software is web-based and free to use for all customers. This includes a central repository for all tests carried out across your staff.

Online Report Generation

Using the online Pulse software, quickly and easily generate detailed test reports that can be readily shared with clients

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Output air pressure metrics

Once a valid test has been completed, the Pulse controller unit will display the following information:

Air leakage rate, Q (m³/h)
Total airflow across the building envelope expressed per cubic metre of air per hour.
Air permeability, AP (m³/m²h)
The leakage per hour of air from a space per square metre of building envelope.
Air changes per hour, N (h-1)
The leakage per hour of air from a space per cubic metre of building volume.
Effective Leakage area (m²)
An estimate of the measured total air leakage area in square metres.
Achieved Pressure Range (Pa)
The maximum and minimum pressure in Pascals that the building maintained during the test.

Pulse Downloads and Useful Links

PDF Document

Pulse Brochure / Technical Specification

Summary of Pulse 2.0 key features, usage, field trial and complete technical specification.

External Link

Pulse Sizing Guide

Estimate the number of air receivers required to perform a successful Pulse test based on a building's envelope area or volume and anticipated leakiness.

ZIP File

Pulse Validation Reports

Copy of Pulse field trial and validation reports that were submitted to the UK Government to approve Pulse as a recognised air pressure testing method.